Privacy Policy

Executive Dynamics Ltd. – GDPR Compliance Statement

This notice sets out the way in which we (Executive Dynamics Ltd.), will collect and use information that is consistent with our responsibilities as well as your rights under relevant privacy law. Please read it carefully. 

Why do we collect and hold your personal information?

We are retained by leading organizations, to identify and recruit senior talent. 

We have identified you as an individual that we believe would or could be of interest to our clients – not necessarily straight away, but perhaps at some point in the future.

All we are asking is to gain your consent to hold your personal data on file so that if we think an opportunity might be appropriate or of potential interest to you, then we can get in touch to discuss this further. 

What information do we hold and collect?

Typically, we would hold basic personal information such as an individual’s name, their job title or position and the name of their current and former employer(s). In the majority of cases we would also hold a personal mobile or home telephone number, a private email domain and possibly a home correspondence address too. In certain instances, we might also hold a copy of a CV or Career Resume where ordinarily you will have supplied this to us yourself and, as such, we will assume that you remain happy for us to continue to keep this on file. 

What will we do with your personal information?

Your personal data will be held securely on our data systems solely for evaluation against future recruitment assignments we may be asked to support with. 

Who will we share your personal information with?

We provide an unconditional assurance that we have never and will never share this personal information with any other third party without having received your prior consent for us to do so.

How long will we hold it for?

We will hold your data for no longer than 2 years before seeking confirmation that you are happy for us to continue holding this information. 

What do I need to do next?

 If you agree that we can continue to hold your details, please reply to the Executive Dynamics GDPR Permissions email you will have received with ‘Keep me posted’; if you no longer wish for us to hold your details, please reply with ‘Remove my details’ and we will update our records accordingly.