2020 – the year so far

22 Jan 2020

With Brexit, Megxit and Coronavirus taking up most of the news recently, we are also pleased to share that Executive Dynamics has had a busy start to 2020.

We have a whizzy new web site, a new logo and have had a bit of a brand refresh. This coupled with some significant new mandates awarded during the last few days of 2019 means that we are looking forward to the New Year ahead with great enthusiasm.

We will be publishing the occasional article on here so do come back and revisit on a regular basis. We’ll be blogging about current projects we are involved with, offering some insights into our company and our people, providing some commentary about the market generally, as well as sharing a few more light-hearted (but hopefully still interesting) snippets on other topics as well. Do please let us know what you think of them.