Appreciate Wine?

21 Jan 2020

Rather like wine, we believe that the Recruitment Partnering services we provide here at Executive Dynamics should be of both exceptional and consistent quality and ideally, also be fairly priced.

In a spirited attempt to differentiate ourselves from our competitors (a frequently debated subject with both potential clients and also amongst our professional colleagues), we thought a light-hearted addition to our website might be entertaining, educational and also perhaps, of interest.

To all practising or aspiring oenologists therefore, we are delighted that Gavin Quinney, proprietor of Chateau Bauduc, ( and supplier of his own wines to celebrated establishments such as Rick Stein’s Seafood Restaurant and Gordon Ramsey’s fine eateries (including London’s only 3 Michelin-starred restaurant), will also be contributing occasional articles to our site.

We do hope you enjoy them.