Development & Coaching

Traditional approaches to ‘training’ have long been acknowledged to be flawed. Despite this companies continue to spend money on training that is ineffective. Our approach, whether it be for individual or teams, is to use a ‘development’ programme based on an analysis of need and the application of appropriate processes, including ‘performance coaching’.

Coaching can be an extremely effective way of helping individuals and groups to maximise their potential. In the world of Sport the value of using a Coach has been recognised for many years. More recently the Business world has also recognised the value of coaching. The process can help people to: –

  • Minimise mistakes in both business and personal life
  • Accomplish more, in less time
  • Prioritise issues and distinguish between the ‘Important’ and ‘Urgent’
  • Improve career prospects
  • Enhance personal development and applied learning
  • Become more effective and influential
  • Be more relaxed with others and win their trust and confidence

Being an executive can be lonely. Who do they speak to about their fears and aspirations? Who can they trust with their innermost thoughts? Who can help them deal with the self doubt and negative emotions we all experience at times. The confidential nature of the relationship with a Coach allows any issue, however sensitive to be shared and ideas bounced with someone who will give honest and constructive feedback.

Ultimately there to question and guide, the Coach is able to bring a fresh perspective and encourage a different approach. The actions however are always the responsibility of the individual who then has the opportunity to discuss and analyse the outcomes with the Coach, thereby reinforcing the learning process and leading to enhanced performance.