How we work

Recruiting Executives can be difficult and time consuming. Getting it wrong is, at worst, catastrophic and at best, costly and embarrassing. With so much at risk, and to optimise the use of time, it is not surprising that many organisations make use of professional help – they see it as essential, not just an option.

How we add value to your recruitment process:

Our Team - every consultant has board level operational experience together with relevant sector and functional expertise. Together, these attributes give us a practical understanding of the issues clients face. We are committed to excellence in servicing the client and go that extra distance to exceed expectations and to deliver a positive result.

Targeted Research - this underpins our approach to Executive Search. It is no longer acceptable to operate on the basis of a personal network of contacts, no matter how extensive. Our researchers are experienced in the use of modern techniques. Thorough desk research is complemented by discreet contact with potential candidates who are tactfully screened for potential interest and suitability prior to introduction to the consultant.

Advertised positions (Executive Selection) - we pride ourselves on the quality and originality of our advertising copy. The art is to convey as much relevant information in the fewest words possible; using a format that will attract good quality applicants. We also advise on the most appropriate medium to reach the target audience.

Whatever method used, whether search, advertised or a combination, we present a shortlist of candidates who are ‘best fit’ against the specified requirements. The final decision is, of course, down to the client but the information we provide, including psychometric profiles and aptitude testing if required, is invaluable in making that final selection.

What you see is what you get; we believe in transparency and work in open partnership to achieve the best result. The consultant you brief will always be the one to lead the assignment using an agreed methodology tailored to your needs. Regular reviews and feedback ensure the client is fully informed of progress.

Our fee structure has no hidden extras. We agree the fee in advance and it remains fixed whatever the ultimate package paid to the successful candidate.

Typically, our assignments relate to salaried positions commanding remuneration packages of between £50,000 and £250,000 per annum.