Industrial & Commercial

  • Based in the West Midlands we are ideally located to serve this important (if shrinking) part of our economy.
  • Manufacturing has rarely enjoyed ‘fashionable’ status as a career choice and yet the demands of global competition require that companies recruit and develop top class people to meet the challenge and retain our ‘wealth creation’ base.
  • Our experience and knowledge of this important sector allows us to understand fully our clients’ requirements and seek out only the best candidates for their needs. Given the demands of the modern manufacturing environment, technical experience alone is not enough. Senior managers and Directors require a complex mix of competencies to enable them to contribute and motivate others within the work environment. We understand this intimately and our processes are designed to assess people in the round rather than on a single or few basic competencies.
  • We never underestimate the value of the contribution that can be made by people who are the right fit against the job and cultural requirements, or the cost of employing the wrong person. Our pre – selection processes ensure that clients only interview candidates who are a good fit against their needs, thereby saving time in the ultimate selection process